Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Can!

It looks like my prediction was wrong. Math was never my strong suit, but I can happily report that President-elect Obama has surpassed my prediction. Interestingly enough, it appears that North Carolina is split 50-50 with all precincts reporting. What happens to their 15 Electoral College votes? The votes were 2,101,986 for Obama and 2,089,826 votes for McCain. If you look at the county by county map North Carolina looks pretty darn purple. Who's going to get those EC votes? It won't matter in the big picture but I'm fairly certain North Carolinians want to have their votes counted.

Speaking of North Carolina, Kay Hagen defeated Elizabeth Dole 53% to 44%. Looks like calling Ms. Hagan "godless" didn't work so well for Ms. Dole. Good job, Libby.

On a more local note, John Cornyn is once again going to represent Texas in the Senate. I'm not happy that he managed to ride McCain's coattails in Texas, winning by an almost identical percentage. Out of 32 US House races in Texas, 12 were won by Democrats, a net loss of 1 for the Democrats.

So, while Texas still appears firmly on the Red side, please don't forget us Blue voters trying to make come change. And don't think we all voted for McCain.

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