Friday, November 14, 2008

Just another note on the "glad i'm not..." meter

So, I'll have to tell my husband when he gets in tonight. Next time he goes home, he can't go to church unless he repents first.

Seems that a South Carolinian Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from taking communion if they voted for Barack Obama. They have to perform a Sacrament of Penance first and get right with God for the sin of supporting a "pro-abortion" candidate when there was a viable pro-life candidate out there.

Whew. Well, first of all, good thing that hubby's not a practicing Catholic anymore. Especially good that neither we or his family lives in South Carolina. Perfectly lovely state, I'm sure, but still.

This is so crazy. But I want, no I need, you all to know that not every Christian thinks like this. A perfect example is the Rev. Chuck Currie of the United Church of Christ. His blog has a point of view much needed in this weary war on words that seems to be the only "faith-based" news the media reports upon.

With this revelation and the Mormon church's attack on Prop 8 in California, I think it time that this nation look closely at how we determine who receives tax-exempt status. When any church uses its power, money and influence to enter the political arena by supporting legislation and candidates and further using that power to intimidate its adherents, it is far past time that they loose the privilege of tax exempt status. Far, far past time.

This is the slippery slope that the founding Father's faced when they created they idea of separation of church and state.

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