Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ineffable Quality of Being Quackers

Well, this has been an odd and exhilarating week.  I've been trying to settle on a way to describe how I'm feeling and not really finding it.

A week ago today we elected Barack Obama as our next President.  The world hasn't changed that much, really, since then.  There are still just as many wingnuts and kooks out there as before.  Ann Coulter is still an idiot.  Texas is still Red.  My dog is still neurotic.

What is it that has changed?

I think my red hot flaming anger at all things Bush has certainly receded.  He seems such a sad little man now, surrounded by people trying to tell him he's still great when all the world knows the truth.  My incredulity is no longer strained at the mad spewings of rabid right wing pundits since a majority of Americans apparently agree with my assessment of their stupidity and voted against their spokesman.

Maybe it's just that my husband is out of town and the neurotic dog keeps waiting up for him so I end up with the entire bed to myself, mostly.  The other dog doesn't take up as much room or steal the covers or flop around trying to get comfortable.  I've slept well for almost a week.  Could that be it?  Not that I'm ready for separate beds when he gets back in town or anything, but I've gotten everyone to work and school on time, fed the dogs and the kid and myself, and taken care of immediate concerns without anyone's help.  I went to church by myself, attended the newcomer class alone and didn't explode when I had to introduce myself. Sounds pathetic, doesn't it?

I even managed to lose almost 5 pounds last week despite a well deserved celebration last Tuesday.  Can you say wine and cheese and pizza followed by champagne?

Maybe it's just that I've discovered a whole host of like minded inmates out here in the blogosphere and fellow Christians who really do think like me and knowing I'm not alone has been a great relief.

When one spends the greater part of one's life being the odd duck out, it comes as no small miracle to discover the other ducks out there.


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