Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Speak out!

In case you don't already know, Bush is trying to sneak through regulations that will allow health care providers to choose to define contraceptives as abortion and thus allow them to "opt out" of providing contraceptives as against their consciences.

I urge you to go to Planned Parenthood's website and send a message to Washington that you disagree with this proposal.

For a complete picture on how the Bush administration tried to sneak this one by and the outrage that ensued, read this.

Bush ain't done yet but we can still scream from the rooftops and not let him get away with this abomination.


Anonymous said...

It's like he's really trying to make sure that he goes down in the history books as this country's worst President. News to Bush: You already will!!!

skyewriter said...

This kind of thing makes me froth at the mouth. Bush is showing once again what an idiot he is as he apparently does not understand how ovulation and the pill works.

The pill PREVENTS an egg from even being released from the ovary; no egg, no fertilization, no blastocyst-killing.


Thanks for posting this, truebluetexan.