Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My family and I have all voted and are awaiting tonight's election results with equal parts eagerness and trepidation. My husband, youngest daughter and I voted early on October 29. Texas allows early voting with no restrictions and absentee voting if a few basic requirements are met. In fact, my eldest, who attends the University of North Texas in Denton voted by mail in both the primary and general elections. For both of them, at 18 and 20 respectively, this is their first presidential election. I'm proud of both of them. Not because they voted for Obama, though that's certainly a plus, but because they voted. We've discussed the presidential election thoroughly in our household but state and local candidates have gotten short shrift. Still, they know how to search the Internet. They may not have voted exactly as I did but that matters less to me than the fact that they were engaged in the election process and felt compelled to vote. Isn't that what it's all about?

On another note, I've been amused the last few days by a radio ad from the Williamson County Republican party. It endorses not a single candidate but extols the virtues of voting Republican. In fact, the only Republican mentioned by name is Reagan. That's how far back they feel they have to go to get a candidate worth talking about. Maybe they're thinking like Louis Black and it's time to elect a dead president.

Williamson county, like the majority of counties in Texas, has a long history of supporting Republicans. All the more so because of the close proximity to Travis County and Austin, that Blue bastion in an otherwise Red State. That they feel the need to buy air time to promote their party tells me a lot about their concerns for this election.

Travis county is expecting a near 80% voter turnout. 80%. That's nothing short of astonishing! Travis will vote for Obama, as will, most likely, Dallas and possibly Harris (Houston). This in no way means Texas will go to Obama, but one can always hope.

Still, while I have no illusions that Texas will go to Obama even by a small margin, I do believe that he will win the general election. More importantly, I think Texas stands a chance of electing other Democrats to Congress and the state houses.

Whatever the final outcome, America will still be standing on November 5. Let us hope that everyone remembers that.

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