Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Hate Chihuahuas

I love dogs. Really, I do. But chihuahuas are not dogs. They're tiny little rat-like monsters that apparently are so potent their owners can't control them.

In the neighborhood where I live, there seems to be an overabundance of the little rat fucks. And the one common denominator? Their owners let them run loose in the street.

Now, we're talking about a dog that weighs less than a single tire on my car. One that seems completely unfazed by the two ton vehicle having to wait for it to decide to get out of the street. It's like, they look up and seem surprised to see me in my shiny silver Hyundai and wonder what the hell I'm doing in their way.

I'm about ready to put the Round Rock Animal Control number on my speed dial and just hit the button every time I see one of the little shits in the street. I mean, Holy Christ, don't these idiots care about the lives of their pets?

It's not like they don't have a fenced in back yard for them to run around in. No. Just about every one of my neighbors, I'd say easily 99%, have a fenced in back yard. Yet my next door neighbor opens her front door, let her two little yippy fucks out the front and CLOSES THE DOOR. She doesn't even stay out there with them the majority of the time. Holy Crap! If I let my 65 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback out the front door like that, I'd be in trouble in a second! Why is it these people think their little dogs are completely safe? Is it that they think the most they can do is piss all over you so it's okay to let them roam? Or that everyone thinks they're so darling they'd never hurt them? Well, let me inform you differently. These little shits are hard to see. They have no business running loose in the street. Hell, they're are cats in our neighborhood bigger than these dogs!

It's just a miracle one of them hasn't been run over yet. I mean, really. It's just a matter of time.


Unknown said...

I agree 100 percent with what you said. I hate Chihuahuas. I love dogs and have 7. The smallest is a Beagle, the other 6 are all large. I live in Florida, in my county it seems everyone and I mean EVERYONE have one. They have no control these little monsters. I truly hate them. Your blog is a relief. I am not the only one. I mean they are not even cute dogs. The people who own them need to grow a brain

Unknown said...

I too agree useless dogs!

Unknown said...

Yep i agree useless dogs.My girlfriends parents has some, and there always trying to bite my ankle or some crap , just want to kick them!!