Monday, November 24, 2008

Hope you have a strong stomach....

Well, we're back. We survived our weekend at Lost Pines, taught 64 Scouts how to survive in the Great Outdoors and we're all too pooped to tango. The first day of class is about 12 hours long, followed by an early start on Sunday with scenario and moulage prep and cleaning up the camp after all the students go home. It's a looong weekend.

But, here's the fruits of my endeavors. I was sub-scenario director for the first time and got to be in charge of 5 victims and their moulage.

Cool, huh?


skyewriter said...

Wow, and I was worried about posting gross jokes on my blog :) :) :).

I would've fainted, dead away, if I had seen these in person.


Hope you have a great T-day.

Anonymous said...

I know that this was set up... yet I feel like I'm going to hit the *THUMP* "Ouch!"

Chris said...

Too much like work!