Tuesday, November 4, 2008

: ( Texas called for McCain

CNN has called Texas for McCain. While I knew this was inevitable I was hopeful. Despite the fact that the 4 largest population centers in the state all voted for Obama (as of 9:38PM CT), the state is currently showing a 9 point lead for McCain. These Obama counties were more than balanced by the heavily McCain rural counties.

Yet despite Texas' 34 electoral college votes for McCain, he is still behind Obama. The count stands at 207 to 135 and the popular vote seems to be shifting to Obama. CNN has this as 51% Obama. With 97 electoral college votes in states either still voting or undecided at this time but firmly in Obama's column and 40 more in the contested states of Florida and Virginia, 300 is more than possible; it is likely.

I predict that Obama's final electoral college tally will be 341.

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