Friday, November 21, 2008

Heading to Lost Pines

So, we're about to head out to teach Wilderness First Aid to a bunch of Boy Scouts. My entire family, with the most recent addition of hubby, are certified Red Cross instructors for Wilderness First Aid Basics. Our Venturing Crew specializes in teaching this class. We instruct, let's see 68 this weekend, how to save their asses when backpacking in the Great Outdoors.

Our local Boy Scout council requires the course for all troops headed to Philmont. So, we have a steady supply of victims. Speaking of which, we go whole hog and create scenarios complete with moulage to test their skills at the end of class. We have fun.

That's a piece of metal in his back. On site, we'll dig a small hole, have him lay down, and voila! hidden injury. We're sneaky that way.

More images to come on Sunday.

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