Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Elect Obama

I know many people are talking about this being an historic election. Just as many people are afraid of where Barack Obama's presidency will lead us.

But after watching both candidates speeches this evening, I come away with this: McCain made a valiant effort to restore his image and looked more like the John McCain of 2000 than he has in months. (more on this speech to come). Obama knows he has many people to convince of his sincerity and ability. His speech was diplomatic and very definitely presidential.

Both candidates called on their backers to support the other. McCain promised to work with President Obama. Obama expressed his appreciation of McCain's sacrifices and his service to his country. Both men showed what the best in America can be like.

I hope that President Obama can show us how to look beyond the idea of my party right or wrong. That we can look beyond Red state or Blue state and see only the United States of America.

After the last 12 years, starting with the debacle of Clinton's last term and ending with Bush's last term, this country has been divided. We've turned ourselves over to partisan politics, so much so that we've learned to accept the wildest accusations and the weirdest conspiracies in our attempt to vilify the other guy.

I fervently hope for a time when we can argue constructively and look beyond the rhetoric. I want to believe that the era of partisan politics is ending.

Hope is alive. Let us pray it only grows stronger in the days to come.

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