Monday, November 10, 2008

And the list grows...

The blogopshere is an incestuous place. You start out simply writing about what interests you. Something pisses you off and you go on a rant. Next thing you know, you're looking for like-minded inmates. Then someone starts posting comments and BOOM! your blog list grows. You have to go see what they're reading since they were kind enough to actually read yours.

I started out with a short list. Who came first is a blur. What was it, a month or two ago? Anyway, these things snowball. Now when I go to one site, I inevitably end up at least three more.

My choices are varied, I hope, but all fairly progressive. At any rate, they all have something I want to read or talk about things I agree with so there must be something in common.

So why do I bother with the never-ending list? Two reasons: First, I'm lazy. This way they're only one click away and all in one place. Hey, I have simple needs. Second: There's always the possibility that I might enlighten someone else, even if it's only one of my kids.

You never know. Stranger things have happened.

Anyway, with the election over and all that pent up angst and rage finally let free, at least on my part, the urge to blog endlessly about the neo-cons and idiots has receded. Unfortunately, that means I have to find a new topic. So, we're back to the never-ending blog list. There are some gems out there folks. Don't be afraid to sniff around and see what you find.

My top reads as of today are:
  Mudflats (got to keep up with Alaskan politics!)
  The Bilerico Project
  Straight Not Narrow

Ask me tomorrow and the list will change. Given enough free time in my work day ; ) I read them all.

And if I didn't mention you, don't feel bad. Most likely I read your blog today. And you led me somewhere new....

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