Monday, December 15, 2008

Score One for the Penguins!

A pair of gay penguins in China, of all places, have been allowed to care for an egg taken by zookeepers from an inexperienced pair.  Apparently these two have been quite inventive in their efforts to raise a family going so far as to steal an egg from an unsuspected fellow penguin and, here's the best part, replacing it with a stone!

Research into the sexuality of animals is limited and often seemingly wedded to the idea of sex for reproduction.  However, one Norwegian museum is trying to dispel a few myths.  The Norwegian Natural History Museum "Against Nature's Order?" exhibition focuses on the 1,500 species with recorded instances of  homosexual behavior.  Many primates, especially the dwarf chimpanzee, are truly bisexual and use sex to resolve conflicts.  Lions, dolphins and killer whales form close male-only groups where sex is used to reinforce the bond.  With many birds that mate for life, such as penguins, 4-5% of the pairings are homosexual.  These pairs reproduce by mating with the opposite sex and then raising the chick on their own.  Sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?

This certainly seems to provide ample evidence that "it ain't natural" is not a valid argument against homosexuality.  If this penguin couple manages to raise their egg successfully and their little chick in turn goes out and finds himself a mate, they could be the poster children for the entire LGBT movement.  


D said...

I knew there was a reason why I liked penguins! I know that Gary and Steve Penguin will make great parents!

Chris said...

That is priceless...I love the "poster children for the entire LGBT movement"....hey you can't argue with nature, now can you...I wonder if they could get counseling to change their behavior?