Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush and You Tube

Bush is grateful that he didn't have to contend with YouTube during his campaigns for President. No such luck when it came to actually being in office, however.

I think perhaps the man has a point. YouTube and its wonderful ability to capture people at their goofiest helped defeat John McCain.  Certainly, Obama's artful use of the internet had no small part in his victory.  Gone are the days when a politican can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants and not really have to worry about any inherent contradictions, falsehoods or incoherencies.  And YouTube doesn't just affect the politician but everyone that endorses, speaks for or otherwise puts out their two cents worth about them. 

YouTube gives lie to the many efforts of wingnuts everywhere to recast the Bush presidency in a positive light.  All it takes is to do a search for Bush on YouTube and one can find oh so many instances captured forever on videotape of the Shrub's eloquence and brilliance. There are so many its hard to choose just one.  But this one is a good start:

Eloquence - certainly not.  Brillance - uh, no.  31 days and counting...

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