Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's a balmy 66 degrees here in Central Texas.  The cold is gone for now.  The sun is shining and its a typical Texas Christmas.

All the gifts are wrapped, the tamales are bought and all that's left is the waiting. My family opens gifts on Christmas Eve and Santa comes on Christmas morning.  Hubby's family is in Nebraska and we can't afford to visit.  My parents and older sister are gone and I don't really get along well with my remaining sib, so its just the four of us.  We'll open gifts tonight, go to the late service at church and come home and hubby and I will collapse after stuffing the stockings.  It's not so bad now that the girls are 20 and 18.  Fewer expectations.  It made for some late nights when the girls were little.  Now we just have to make sure the dogs don't get into anything.

I hope those of you to the North get a break in the weather.  While it's been a long, long time since I had a White Christmas, I don't really envy you all.  Stay warm.


Chris said...

Have a wonderful Christmas...I posted about our traditions too today, and the little girls are just giddy...remember when your's were like that? I have some tamales too for my son-in-law, who is always homesick for family in Guadalajara.

skyewriter said...

Hope you and yours have a great holiday.

Best wishes to the pooches, too.


Sidhe said...

Funny that you mention dogs...I hid some Christmas goodies in my closet but, being the absolute airhead that I am, I forgot to close the door. Anyway, I had this cute little stocking full of Hershey Kisses that I was going to give to my husband's aunt in the bag...when I woke up this morning it was half empty...we still don't know if it was the big dog or the small one (perhaps we'll find out tonight after the chocolate has had the opportunity to pass through the digestive system-color me a bit scared).

Have a Wonderful Wonderful Christmas with your family. Mmmm, tamales!

BTW-it's still snowing up here in Michigan!