Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Project for Awesome 2008

I've mentioned Hank and John Green before and the Nerdfighters.  Well, last year they created a little project for their Nerdfighter followers and lo and behold they took over You Tube for a day.  Members made videos about their favorites charities, uploaded them to You Tube with a "Project for Awesome" thumbnail embedded in the video. The result?  By uploading their videos and discussing them, they took over the Most Viewed and Most Discussed pages on You Tube.  Every video thumbnail has the Project for Awesome thumbnail showing.

This year, my daughters entered the fray,  This is their entry.  John and Hank Green will both donate $1000 to a charity featured in the Project for Awesome. The best way for their video to get this honor is for lots and lots and lots and lots of people to view it and comment it on it.  Since they're discussing a topic near and dear to my heart, I think you should definitely watch it here and then go to You Tube and watch it there and comment like crazy.

The link to the You Tube page is here.

Thanks for your support.

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