Thursday, December 25, 2008


Technically, it's number 101, but I don't really count the one in December of last year since there was a serious gap before I actually started blogging regularly. Besides, it's a 100 posts for this year.

When I mentioned a few days ago to hubby that I was going to reach 100 posts soon, he was dumbfounded. He seemed surprised that I has managed to squeeze so many posts in just under three months. I had 7 posts total before September and the election cycle drove me to the interwebs on an almost daily basis and I found myself writing just as a release from the insanity. I was up to almost daily blogging in no time at all.

I learned a few things these last few months and I thought I'd share them.

First, this whole blogging thing is much easier and at the same time more difficult than I thought it would be. Finding topics to write about was certainly easy as we drew closer to November 4. Since then, some days I have to really look to find something interesting, but on the whole the slow days are usually covered by the ones with multiple posts. Its harder in the sense that I'm learning about the dreaded html. Just baby steps though. I have no real desire to learn to actually write anything that resembles code.

Second, I was beginning to feel like I was a true black sheep. Since starting this blog and diving head first into the blogosphere, I've discovered there are quite a few inmates out there that, at the very least, lean my way on most things. I can't tell you how comforting and enabling that is. Growing up in Texas in a fairly conservative family, I was always the black sheep concerning many, many things. Add to that the factoid that my family and I had been attending the same Episcopal church for 13 years while living in one of the most conservative counties in the state, and I was beginning to think I was a lone voice crying in the wilderness. You could say the blogosphere was a set of hearing aids and I can now hear all the other voices out there with me. And people like politicians and pundits don't count. I'm talking knowing real people with real mortgages and real problems agree with me is just fantastic.

When I started this little experiment, I never thought that anyone outside of my immediate family and a few friends would read it. Now I find that I have folks in Turkey and Indonesia that have bookmarked this site! (And if you would say "Hi!" it would be the stupendous!) I have other bloggers whom I read that read my blog and leave comments. Dude, that is just so...I don't know...awesome sounds so lame. As a Journalism major and closet (incomplete) novelist, the fact that someone actually reads what I write and takes them time to comment on it is frighteningly addictive.

I hope that all of you continue to find something amusing to read here. I will do my best to keep up my end of our collective bargain.

May the coming New Year find us all happy, healthy and without writer's block!


Middle Aged Woman said...

Hear, hear! Congrats on 100!

Aliceson said...

100 posts in 3 months, fantastic.

I hope 2008 gives you lots of writing material. I'll be reading.

Chris said...

100 is good! Looking forward to more. Thank you for this post, because as a new blogger, I identified with a lot of what you said....nice to know I'm not the only one feeling it!

Sidhe said...

Congratulations! Hope 2009 is a great year for you!