Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lymphatic Research Foundation

As I have mentioned on other posts my daughter and I have primary bilateral lower limb lymphedema. It's a mouthful, I know. What this means for us is that our legs swell, are more prone to infection and, at least in my case, have reduced circulation from a build up of fibrotic tissue.

The Lymphatic Research Foundation is a non-profit founded by the mother of a child with lymphedema and systemic lymphatic disease, Her search for information and treatment led her to found this organization. When she started there was a serious lack of information and knowledge. So she set out to fund research into the lymphatic system.

From the organization's website:
"Science now knows that the lymphatic system impacts virtually every function of the human body in health and illness. Despite this, the lymphatics have been historically neglected in both medical school curricula and research institutions. Inadequate methods to diagnose lymphatic disorders and minimally effective therapies are available, with little or no attention paid to the needs of those afflicted by these diseases.

LRF has significantly promoted the field of lymphatic research that promises breakthroughs in therapeutic treatments and cures not only for lymphatic disease, lymphedema, and related disorders, but for a multitude of other diseases

It is critically important to continue this successful momentum. Science has opened a new frontier in lymphatic research: lymphagiogenesis, which is the formation of new lymphatic vessels to repair or replace damaged or deficient lymphatics in the body. This promises life enhancing changes for those suffering from lymphatic disorders. Lymphagiogenesis has also opened a new dimension in cancer research and how cancer spreads through the body. Clearly, promoting lymphatic research promises a healthier future and a better quality of life for millions of people worldwide."

I have formed a website through Firstgiving to gather donations for this important research. (H/T to Black Hockey Jesus and his use of the Firstgiving widget) There is a direct link on this blog. I hope that I will be able to surpass my modest goal of $500 from the generous donations of fellow bloggers, friends and family. This organization and the research it funds is the single best hope for my daughter and myself to someday live free of this life-changing disease.

Thanks in advance.

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D said...

I hope you'll be able to raise your goal. I know foundations and charities are having a difficult time trying to raise money with the downward economy.