Friday, December 12, 2008

News from the Weird

So, I just heard this really surreal radio ad for Joe's Crab Shack featuring a Sarah Palin impersonator. I wish I could remember exactly how it went but my mind is like a sieve and only the really big parts get stuck in the net.

She was ranting something about there finally being a winner in Alaska, I think. I was so stuck on the idea of Joe's using Sarah Palin to sell their restaurant that I was in shock.

Anyway, listen for it and let me know what it actually said.

In other news from the weird, Texas-style:

Our wacko Governor Rick Perry has decided that since Bush is set to fade into history (do I hear a big hurrah?) there needed to be another Texas politician to make fun of. He's protesting the idea of carbon caps and how devasting that will be to the Texas economy.

Maybe he doesn't realize that, according to the Wall Street Journal, Texas has "almost twice as much electrical generating capacity from wind turbines as second-place state, California". Texas is still by far the nation's top carbon-dioxide-emitting state and largest coal consumer, but there are signs that we're starting to see the light.

The state's largest electricity provider favors a cap-and-trade system. But my favorite part about the entire WSJ article was the quote from State Sen. Kip Averitt, R-Waco.

Averitt, who heads the Natural Resources Committee, "recently told the Waco Tribune-Herald that in the past, being an environmental-minded politician in Texas meant 'you were considered a communist and you couldn't get elected. Now, if you're not an environmentalist you're a goober, and you can't get elected'."

Dude. Only in Texas.

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D said...

Wow. I just wrote about the emissions plan in California on my blog and how it could actually do more good than harm. Go fig. Oh well, some of those Republicans disagree with science and economics.