Monday, December 15, 2008

How Low Will They Go?

Apparently, pretty fucking low.

Burger King, that paragon of American fast food, has sunk lower than ever before.  Personally, I hate the "King" and all the stupid, low-brow, intelligence insulting, idiotic ads that whatever advertising agency they have on call keeps coming up with.  I think it goes something like this:  Let's have some kid in a whopper suit and call him "Junior".  Surely they'll say "no".  It's like they keep daring Burger King to nix to their stupid ideas and yet they keep airing one idiotic commercial after another.

Well, now they have created an all-time, no holes barred, can't imagine where they'll go next, stupid idea.  Behold, a fragrance with a hint of flame-broiled meat.  So now you don't have to eat a Whopper to smell like one.

I shit you not.

Oi.  And in case you're like my husband and think this is just a joke, this tasteless crap sells for $3.99 at Ricky's NYC.

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