Monday, December 22, 2008

Random thoughts

First off, I know I shouldn't complain, especially since so many of you are facing really cold and nasty winter weather, but it's COLD!  It's 36 degrees here in Central Texas and while it isn't snowing (what's that?) it's still pretty frigid for us.   The last time it snowed here, except for the 30 minute window on December 10th which I slept through, was February 14, 2004.  Before that you might have to go all the way back to 1987.  Snow is a rare thing here.  Ice, we get a little more often, say once every 5 years or so.  Needless to say, no one here has the slightest idea how to drive in the crap and it shuts the city down.  So, while it could be worse, it's still cold.

Second, we have squirrels and roof rats.  Ugh.  Apparently, since we had a wet spring year before last and a mild winter last year, followed by a dry fall so far, the population of rats in the area skyrocketed and the poor foraging prospects because of the lack of rain have driven the little fucks indoors.  This is how my husband explained it, at least.  So the good news is, we're not alone in this house sharing thing.  The bad news is they're a bear to get rid of.  And the squirrels?  Well, our chimney is settling and leaving a lovely gap that needs to be filled.  Until it is, it's a open door for squirrels.  So, we're going about poisoning the rats and hubby plans on filling in all the gaps on his vacation.  Me?  I'm just ready for the late night plinko games to end.  Seems like the rats favorite pastime is to scurry and tumble about around 3 am.  Joy. And the dogs are being driven to distraction by the squirrels.  Said rodents seem to have an uncanny ability to drive canines insane.  I think they do it on purpose.

Third, Dick Cheney.  Wow.  His statement about the president being able to do anything he wants as long its "for the protection of the country" reminds me of Nixon.  Eldest and I were watching TV the other night and an ad for Frost/Nixon came on.  In it Nixon says, when the president does it, it means it is not illegal.  She turns to me and says, "Did he really say that?"  So, yeah, sweetheart, he did.  And apparently he's not alone in his delusion.  Scary stuff.  While not a fan of Shrub, I am so glad nothing happened to him these past 8 years cause then we would have be stuck with Mr Looney Toons. Thank God for little favors.

Fourth, seen a lot of talk lately about Sarah Palin and emails or comments made by neo-cons calling for all sorts of nasty things to be done to Obama or to prepare for the End Times.  Crazy talk, all of it.  While the internet had a remarkable effect on this election cycle, let us not forget that it opened the door for all insanity opinions, whether we like them or not.  Those emails or comments calling for violence certainly need to be brought to the attention of the proper authorities. The rest, unfortunately, have to be left alone.  If we want to live in a society that has freedom of speech, it means that we have to put up with speech we find offensive.  Further, feeding the wingnuts only gives them ammunition.

Fifth, speaking of wingnuts, did anyone see the segment of Hannity and Colmes with Ann Coulter?  Colmes tries his best to call Coulter on her craziness but was fairly ineffective.  Maybe that's why he's leaving the show.  Any way, she makes some comment about Obama taking the oath of office on the Koran.  Colmes is like, not that again.  And she says, no he's not a Muslim.  He's an atheist. All liberals are atheists. (my emphasis) How can people watch this bitch and take her seriously?  I mean, really.  All liberals are atheists?  Really? Shit.  I did not know that.  That explains so much. Argggh!!

Lastly,  on the economic woes facing all of us.  I don't begin to understand economics.  All I know is if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, we have to call it what it is- a depression.  Hopefully, we will not have to capitalize it or see a repeat of the 1930s.  Here's hoping that all of you and yours stay gainfully employed or find employment soon.  I hope my kids, currently in college, can find jobs in a few years when they graduate.  Mr. Obama has his work cut out for him.  I hope he's up to the task.

Stay warm and have a lovely winter break/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice!

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Chris said...

Get focused girl...all is under control for two days....Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!