Friday, December 5, 2008

Ah!! The list! It grows!

Okay, there are way too many good blogs out there and they lead me to other blogs and its just an incestuous, crazy circle of love.

It's great.

This week's newbies (to me) are:
Partly Cloudy
Respectful Insolence
Literal Dan

That last one made me laugh out loud and want to cry. If you haven't read it, go do it now. Really. I'll wait.

Back? Cool, huh?

Soon I will have to do away with the cute little pictures and last posts and just have a simple list. But not yet. ; )


Aliceson said...

There are so many great blogs out there just waiting to be read. The wondrous blogosphere!

The wind in your vagina- isn't that a great blog name, got me too!

I also read unmitigated and laugh so hard, I pee a little... What? I've had 2 kids.

True Blue Texan said...


I'd love to tell that the "pee a little thing" gets better over time...but I'd be lying. My youngest is 18 and she knows when I yell "dammit" after sneezing that she's supposed to slap herself.

Though she says that after all these years I shouldn't keep blaming her for something that wasn't really her fault.

Nah. It still works for me.

skyewriter said...

Thanks for the updated list. I have found the same thing true of my travels around the blogosphere. Who knew there were so many interesting, funny people online?

Glad to read your blog.

The wind in the vagina one was pretty funny; I'll have to re-read the archives.

You should check out; I saw her link on Aliceson's blog and I spent a couple of hours on a Saturday reading five years of archives. She is hy-ster-i-cal.

'nite ladies.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Hey, thanks for the links! You found me and my daughter (Partly Cloudy). That pee a little thing can be improved with surgery. It's SO worth it not to have to cross your legs every time you cough or sneeze.