Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Time for the weekly installment of weird news.  I thought at first that this week was going to be slim pickings but I think I've managed to scrape up a few winners.

We start in Cailfornia where a helicopter pilot has lost his license for gross negligence.  One of his passengers videotaped the pilot and another passenger, who just happened to be a porn adult film actress, in the act during a  2005 flight.  The video even became public.  An NTSB judge upheld the FAA's suspension recently.  The pilot's only remark was that while his actions were unwise, he's much more responsible now. The judge didn't care.

In Detroit, it is apparently illegal to own a pillow, at least if you're going to use it in an outdoor pillow fight.  Organized by an unnamed social networking site, the outdoor pillow fight was to take place at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit. Police prevented the fight by disarming the combatants, citing concerns about the potential mess.  Spoil sports.

A woman in a Fort Worth, Texas suburb called 911 when her fried rice didn't have enough shrimp. I just don't get why people think the police give a shit about whether or not your fast food order is correct.  I mean, come on, people. 911 is reserved for emergency use.  Don't they get it?

Enough of the stupid people.  The next ones are all about critters.  In Australia, a blue heeler dog thought to have been swept off a sailboat and drowned was reunited with her people 4 months later.  She was found on St. Bee's Island, nearly 6 miles from where she was lost.  Authorities think she'd been going between two islands and living off goats.  She was reportedly quite estatic to see her people.  Good dog.

Next is a report of a bunny with two noses.  A pet shop owner discovered the bunny, who has two noses, complete with a second set of nostrils, amongst a recent delivery of 6-week-old bunnies.  The store workers are holding a naming contest for the bunny.  So far Cyrano de Bergerac and Deuce are the top contenders.

And last I leave you with this video.  I would've loved to have been that 911 operator.


Sidhe said...

You know, I probably haven't mentioned this before, but just so you know, my husband and I get a huge kick out of your Wednesday Weirdness every week. Thanks! I'm off to my pillow fight, screw Detroit!

Anonymous said...

Elephant! I wish I was there.