Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RTT-Or As the Puppy Grows

It's Tuesday. so its that time again.

Well, the little miss has not been weighed recently but estimates abound to her actual poundage. Last time she was 15.5 pounds. After having her jump on my head this morning, I'd estimate she's up to at least 17. And she must be teething or something because she wants to chew on EVERYTHING. Paper, people, underwear, socks, shoes, XBox memory cards (sorry, Tay-Tay), her tail, Rowan and anything she can pin down long enough to get her chompers on.

I've had requests for more pictures so here's a video of them all in the back yard.

She got catapulted onto her back the other day after making the mistake of straddling Rowan's back legs while she tried to chew a hole in his throat. He kicked. She went sailing. And got back up and tried again.

Enough of the puppy. She's still adorable and still not quite water tight.

I am at work way too early cause Hubby had to be in early for a meeting. Having only one car really sucks. But it's quiet and not too many people in yet, so I can blog without fear of being caught in peace.

Hey, Keely, have you read World War Z? I'm listening to the audiobook now. It's all about the Zombie war and its aftereffects. Speaking of audiobooks, why is it that my iPod will recognize TV shows, podcasts and movies but not audiobooks? They get tagged as songs and even if I put them in a seperate playlist, on shuffle they will still pop up in between the music. What it really needs to be able to do is shuffle a playlist. Maybe I should write to Apple.

Eldest's car seems to have made a fairly remarkable recovery. After being towed to Denton from some small nameless burg just north Hillsborough, the mechanic repaired the whatsit that was broken and in doing so seems to have fixed the massive oil leak at the same time. Hurrah! Now if she can just get the AC working, she's set. And she got her first ticket in it already. Seems that the little town of Itasca, Tx. doesn't like people driving in the left lane on the Interstate that runs through their lovely hamlet. They want it reserved for passing only. So she got a ticket for driving in the passing lane. Cost her $140 plus an extra $50 to expunge it from her record. Sounds like a scam to me. The city website claims that the major employers are the local electrical co-op and the school district. The city must be hard up for cash if its got this kind of scam going. Dipshits. Just so you know, Itasca is located on IH-35W 42 miles south of Fort Worth. So, if you're ever traveling the IH-35 corridor through Texas, take IH-35E through Dallas and avoid the entire area.

Well, work beckons. Actually, it's just sitting there. Pouting. But I do have things I should be doing for actual money and not the fame and fortune that blogging brings. So, I'm off. Oh, and go visit the UnMom and leave your own RTT post.


~~tonya~~ said...

Our dog is going through the same phase right now, chewing on EVERYTHING!! But she is so cute, so we overlook her teething difficulties.

Jennifer said...

That's a bullshit ticket. I do wish I were in TX right now, here in Illinois it SNOWED on Sunday. In APRIL!

skyewriter said...

Watching that video was sooo relaxing.

Puppies and doggies playing nice.

I liked how Rowan wriggled around to get the tug-toy closer to the pup.

blueviolet said...

Your video makes me want to get out there and play in the yard!

Keely said...

Yes, yes I have. Becky at Suburban Matron recommended it. I sent her a bill for the therapy.

I wish my iPod could shuffle a playlist, too. Especially for working out!

Anissa said...

Alex is 14 weeks old and not to bad about chewing on thing. But, he is a yorkie and he so small there is not much he can get in his mouth.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awww! The puppy is so cute! Glad to know I'm not alone in a puppy launching himself at my head...our puppy likes to do that, too - didn't think about guesstimating his weight in that mode...(grin!!)

Here in PA they like to 'reserve' the left lane for 'passing only', too - I keep having to nag...I mean remind...hubby when he likes to camp out in the left lane... :)

Happy RTT a day late! :)

Araloran said...

Umm... Mom, your dog is a nut. Or really itchy.

And you can shuffle a play list. Go to settings. Click on shuffle.