Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Response to NOM's idiotic ad yet

And this one isn't a parody-

This is the best response yet to the homophobic fear-mongering ad of NOM's to date.  It doesn't strive to make fun of NOM or their ad but instead shows that there are real people of all faiths, creeds, colors and orientations who support gay marriage. Good job.

Shamelessly stolen from Joe.My.God.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Great post True Blue! I've got a satirical video up that puts down NOM's hateful video.

I'm gonna swipe this and post it on my blog. Hope ya don't mind.

Anonymous said...

This is really, really good. I convinced my 91 year old father not to vote for the Constitutional Amendment in Florida because I let him know the practical effect of the law and simply told him that you do not have to agree, but you don't have to hurt because you don't agree. He then talked to his friends about not voting for it. People just need to see it from another perspective, take out the hype, fear mongering and the hate, and people then do not want people to be without basic rights.

Good job Stacy, as always.