Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RTT- Or Do Tongue Spots Cause Sun Spots

So its that time again. Funny how it happens every week. Go visit Keely at the Un Mom and share in the linky love.
Puppy Watch- She's up to 24.4 pounds. Still not completely water tight but she's getting better. After a few swats on the behind, she seems to be getting the picture that its either the pads or the great outdoors. This morning she was a wild woman. She was running at full speed, which in itself is funny as hell to watch, all over the house. She'd come charging down the hall, run full tilt into and then onto the bed, then turn around and launch off and go charging across the house to Youngest's room and then back. The first few times the boys followed but they soon got tired. She, however, seemed a non stop font of energy.

Toddlers and puppies. If we could only harness their energy, the world would never want for fossil fuels again.

Speaking of toddlers, have you heard that Gov. Perry, or Governor Big Hair as he's affectionately known in Texas, has asked for the Federal government's help to stop the Swine Flu from crossing into Texas? Last week he didn't want federal aid cause of the strings attached. Now he wants Washington's help. Can't have it both ways, Big Hair. Either you're a big boy and learn to play with others or you take your toys and go home. Personally, I hope he grows up before he gets the whole state grounded.

Big news out of Washington today. Seems that Arlen Specter, R-PA, has decided to change that R to a D. The Republican party needs to be placed on suicide watch cause he's no doubt the first of many moderate Republicans that will be leaving the tent to the crazies. Or maybe the better analogy is he's the first rat to leave the sinking ship. Either way, it's a win for the Democrats.

Well, I'm cold (the office is an icebox) and tired of listening to engineers babble about semiconductor testing but stuck with both. Between them they've sapped all the energy and creativity out of my brain. I need a puppy recharge or a face washing with that spotted tongue to get me going again. Pity she's half an hour away.

Drop by Keely's place. Hopefully the folks there have been better at this random thing today than me.


Aliceson said...

Wow, 24 pounds already?! I know my St. was (behaved like) a puppy until he was about 3 years old. He can still tear it up on occasion, but he's almost 9 now. There's nothing like the energy of a puppy!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Damn, she's big already! She probably has bigger poops than my terrier!

Kim said...

Spector's always been a Democrat - he just finally revealed it out loud. Any Republican who didn't realize that before is not a good Republican. ;)

My Random Thoughts Tuesday

skyewriter said...

I agree with Aliceson and Sprite's Keeper: she's growing so fast! She is going to be jinormous!

I hope you and yours stay safe there in Texas.

Keely said...

24 lbs! That's, like, a whole toddler.

Hm...harnessing their energy...*makes evil finger-steepling motions*

Julie@Momspective said...

I've been calling my baby 'puppy' since birth, because he displays a lot of the same characteristics. He eats anything off the floor, poops all the time and walks on all fours.