Friday, April 17, 2009

Day of Silence

Today is the annual Day of Silence sponsored by the GLSEN.  Kudos to all the students and teachers out there that are participating.  This year's DOS is in honor of Carl Walker-Hoover.

Youngest and my trans friend are participating at their colleges. I found a video on Sassy Britches' blog that I just had to share. There are certain phrases out there in popular use that are hurtful.  Most of the time, people don't even stop to think about what they're saying.  

Dude, don't you just love Wanda Sipes? Stop and think about the throw away phrases you use and how the language in them could be hurtful.  And then find something else to say.  Please.

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ZIRGAR said...

You're exactly right with this, and as much as I try to parse my language to not be needlessly offensive, I'm as guilty of saying offensive things as anyone. What makes it worse is that I know better. I'm constantly reflecting on things, but I need to let that reflection spark me to change. Thank you for posting this.