Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Tube wonders

I may be late in coming to this realization, but You Tube is amazing!  I was scornful at first.  I mean , who wants to watch everyday people babble about their life or any number of random and boring things.  And indeed there is much to find on YouTube that is just like that.  But then there are the jewels.

Ever wanted to know how to tear a phone book in half?  There are several hundred videos showing you how to do it or with folks showing off their prowess.  This one has over 3 million views.

Want to learn how play an instrument?  Name one.  It's there.  I 've found videos for ukelele, guitar (there are over 30,000 choices for that one instrument, acoustic, electric & bass), Piano (there's a whole series), drums, harp, harmonica, accordion, etc.  I could link them all but you get the idea.

Want to know how to change a tire or a diaper or your IP address?  It's all there.

And then of course there are the folks who take the You Tube thing really seriously.  People who've created their own channels.  Like John and Hank Green's Vlogbrothers. Or Michael Buckley's WhatthebuckShow.

Musicians have found a whole new outlet with YouTube and homemade music videos.  Some are bad.  Some are great.  Some are professional.  Some are amateur but in no way amateurish. You can probably find any type of music you like.  Try it. You never know what you might find.

Politics, music, comedy, diaries, stuff blatantly stolen from TV and film.  You name it, it's there.  Want to find a clip of some politician saying something he shouldn't?  It's there.  Want to see a celebrity get back at the paparazzi? It's there.

And then there are my kiddos.  They have their very own YouTube channel.  And sometimes they do some pretty amazing things.  Like Ethan's video for my birthday that I've shown previously.  And this:

Maybe she's picked the right major.

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Sidhe said...

This is the best.

I love it...

My son loves it...

Perhaps she did pick the right major!!!