Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hate comes in many forms

I seem to have been inundated with examples of hate this week. It started with Sidhe at the Musing of a Wandering Elf and her post on the Westboro Baptist church's protest at the funeral of Caylee Anthony. What the hell? I will not post this group's website but I did visit it after reading Sidhe's post. It was vile and so full of hate as to be a complete mockery of Christianity. Please God, don't think this is what most Christians are like. It's only a loud, misguided few who call themselves Christians, but aren't.

Then I found yet another lovely example of hate with a post about Hal Turner on Welcome Back to Pottersville. Mr Turner all but froths at the mouth he's filled with such hate. Again, I will not post a link to this man's blog. He doesn't need me to gather a following. I'd advise you to stay away.

Then there's the 4 page rambling credo from James Adkisson that's been floating around the interwebs for days now. How can anyone think that folks like Bernard Goldberg, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others aren't partly responsible for this fellow's killing spree after reading the garbage he wrote? Apparently, some do. Go check out Jobsanger and see for yourself.

And then of course there was the oh so lovely cartoon in the NY Post. You've all seen it. How can anyone think that it shouldn't be interpreted as insulting, at best, and racist and inciting violence at worst? I don't get it. Really. Do people not know their history? Is there really anyone over the age of 21 who doesn't know that African-Americans were routinely compared to apes in our not so distant past? Even if you take it as the "even a monkey will write Shakespeare given enough time" thing, it's insulting. And childish.

Speaking of children, let's move on from racial prejudice to hate crimes of another sort. Again, all over the interwebs this week were examples of state governments perpetuating discrimination against homosexuals. In Florida, you actually have to check off a box on the adoption application that says: I'm not a homosexual. In Georgia, a dad is told he must keep his children away from his homosexual partners and friends as part of his custody agreement. Really? Do they think it's catching? Joe.My.God has the skinny on both of these and others. Why do these states think that letting an openly homosexual individual or horrors couple adopt is somehow going to turn kids gay? Are they really that behind the times? I don't get it. Florida would rather let the kids stay in foster care and wait 2 years to be adopted than let them go to a homosexual.

It's just crazy talk. Just like the latest from North Dakota. Legislators have cleared up one of those sticky wicket problems that us mere mortals and medical professionals haven't been able to agree upon. They have put into law the concept that life begins at fertilization and that fertilized egg has all the rights of any person thus making abortion legally murder in the state of North Dakota. Go read the post at BarkBarkWoofWoof. He says it better than I can.

I don't understand the level of hate obvious in all of these cases. Whether its hatred for Liberals, women, Gays, African-Americans or whatever it is that the crazies at Westboro Baptist hate (it's a long damn list), it takes so much energy to hate as this level. It's a waste of time. It's unproductive. And ultimately, based solely upon ignorance and fear. That lovely pairing that has done so much damage over the millennia is still alive and well. I suppose it's foolish to think that we could break free of their influence.

But I can hope.

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Stacy Hackenberg said...

It\'s amazing that this intense form of hate is still out there, but the only hope we have is that it isn\'t any a nation, we\'ve just elected the first African-American president. That is a big step forward, and as we know change comes slowly to us....hopefully we\'ll keep moving forward...