Friday, February 27, 2009

New Look Redux

Okay, I've done it again.  I changed my template. Obviously.  And I must say I like this one for so many reasons.  First off, it's functionality is much better.  It was written specifically for the new Blogger and works much better. 

More importantly, the person who wrote it is really great at communicating fixes and how to tweek the code.  One of the things I missed from the last template was 1) I couldn't see the nav bar and 2) I couldn't see the quick edit icons.  With this template, I can fix both so that they're visible.  All because the author gives detailed, clear instructions that don't assume a level of html knowledge that his users don't have.  It's amazing.

Plus, it looks pretty damn cool.


Aliceson said...

Your new template is pretty freakin' cool. I'm always amazed at the willingness to help from people who know html. Boggles my mind, but with some people it just clicks. Glad it worked out for you.

I also love the new pics of the dogs!!!

Chris said...

Very Texan, with the jeans and all.....nice

Jane said...

Nice, but do you have these in acid wash? :-)


Keely said...

Your blog looks mighty fine in them jeans, girl ;)

Sidhe said...

I really like this new look. The post area is also much wider which makes it easier to read!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the new look! So cool True Blue.