Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Weirdness

Hokay, here's this week installment:

First off, we have the story of the Wedgie Wielding Woman.  Yvonne Morris of Salt Lake City subdued a man who broke into her co-workers car by grabbing his boxers and giving a hefty yank.  She added a headlock for good measure.  See!  I told you those stupid low-riding pants were trouble! Bet he wears a pair that fits next time.

Next, we turn to the Whaddya mean it ain't Philly gaffe.  Seems the Philadelphia transit agency printed a discount pass to hand out during Philly Beer Week in hopes of cutting down on the inevitable drinking and driving.  Good idea.  Except the stock photo they used wasn't of Philly.  It was New York City.  Oops!

 A Smart-thinking Seattle man saved his three flat screen TVs from burglars by, get this, stealing their van!  He was in the basement, unbeknown to his would-be thieves.  He snuck out, called 911 and moved their van to a neighbor's house.  Police found all 3 TVs, a laptop and a jewelry box by the front door.  That'll teach them to leave the keys in the getaway car!

And last we have the stupid criminal of the week.  Frank Salvador Solorza allegedly tried to extort money from his own relatives by posing as a federal agent and threatening to deport them if they didn't pay up.  Best part is, he was arrested after arriving to pick up the cash dressed in a clown suit and riding a bicyle. Yes, you read that correctly.  He retrieved his pay-off wearing a clown suit while riding a bicycle.  What's he got against clowns?

That's it for this week.  Return next week for another exciting installment of  Weekly Weirdness!


True Blue Texan said...

I love the wedgie story. I bet the theif was a little shocked that a woman had apprehended him in such a manner. Just goes to show that women are still stronger than men... As if there were any doubt. Go Yvonne!

True Blue Texan said...

Clowns are evil, scary things.\n\nOne thing they are not, however, is inconspicuous.\n\nHi-larious.\n\nRecent blog post: Okay, now I\'m pissed again

True Blue Texan said...

LOL. I'm so sorry they didn't have any accompanying pictures. Both of the wedgie and the clown suit. Saw the deal about the burglar foiler on morning news. This was quite a weird Wednesday.