Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

We've had a good week in the weird world.  From smuggling odd items to stupid criminals to a burning fire station, it's been busy.  As an added bonus, I thought I'd post this at the beginning of the day instead of barely making it by Wednesday.  Being late would really mess with the lovely alliteration.

Let's start with the Tokyo fire station that caught fire while most of its crew were out on call.  The fire fighter left behind was cooking dinner when he too had to respond to an emergency.  Except he forgot to turn off the stove. It took ten engines from other stations to put out the fire.  Apparently, take out is on the menu from now on.

Two German tourist were arrested in Brazil for undressing in the airport.  They thought it was "normal" to change clothes wherever the spirit moved you in the beach town of Salvador.  Officials disagreed and charged them with obscenity.  Oops.  Plus they were 66 and 64.  Couldn't have been pretty.

Remember a while back when I mentioned the gentleman suing his ex-wife for the return of her breast implants?  Seems like a California man decided a law suit would take too long and attacked his ex  and tried to cut out her implants himself.  He's currently on trial for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, burglary, and false imprisonment.  Since when did breast implants become a fashion accessory that folks think can be returned on a whim?  Both these nut jobs need serious psychological help.

Big Brother really is watching . Police in Switzerland discovered a marijuana field using Google Earth while investigating an alleged drug ring.   The field was hidden within a field of corn, of all things, and police discovered the field while using the mapping service to find the address of two farmers suspected of involvement with the drug ring.  

I've seen this headline all week and finally clicked on it.  It made me laugh out loud.   Two prisoners in Wellington, New Zealand made a daring escape while handcuffed.  Running in a mad dash away from the Hastings District Court, they encountered a light pole. And promptly forgot they were handcuffed together.  Merry goes left and Pippin goes right and BAM! they butt heads. End of escape. And apparently there is CCTV tape of the whole hilarious affair.  And I just have to share.

And last but certainly not least, a man returning to Sydney, Australia from the Middle East was searched when customs officials found eggs in his luggage.  What did they find when they searched this hirsute gentleman?  Two live pigeons .  Yes, you read that right.  This genius had wrapped two live pigeons in padded envelops that he then attached to his legs via a pair of tights.  They also found seeds and an eggplant in his luggage. What was this guy going to do?  I mean, what's the recipe that calls for eggs, pigeon and eggplant?  And isn't this just a lovely picture?


Aliceson said...

...and the hairy legs on the guy? Eeewww.

Love the Wed. weirdness! Thanks True Blue

Anonymous said...

I'm with Aliceson on that one!