Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dogs, Cars & Comments

It's Random Tuesday again!

I have "fixed" the comments.  Meaning I removed JS-Kit and we're back to Blogger comments.  While I really like the JS-Kit system I could not for the life of me get it to work.  If I just left it alone, I suppose it would've been okay, but whenever I tried to do something to personalize it, the dreaded html got in the way.  The website was less than helpful since they assumed a level of knowledge that poor little old me did not have.

So, comment away but no more nifty "latest post" or posting using your Facebook account.  Not that anyone did.

And sorry to those comments and their authors that got lost in the shuffle.

So, my biggest problem lately has been the dog- Myrddin the Goofy one.  He's a nutcase.  (See the picture in the sidebar) He absolutely hates the leash.  He's actually terrified of it.  Not really sure why.  It could be, I suppose, that the first time we tried to put him on the leash and take him for a walk with Rowan we used this really insane torture device nifty double lead.  Problem was that Rowan outweighed him by about 30 or 40 pounds and hadn't been on a walk for a while.  Rowan gets excited.  And likes to charge out the door.  Especially since that's the quickest way to cross the evil tile in the foyer.  Myrddin was not sure he liked the whole leash concept and then Rowan took off.  Poor puppy was literally drug out the door at high speed.  We think his feet may have left the ground.  He bounced along until about six feet past the door when Rowan pulled his collar completely off.  Myrddin sat there in a daze, looking frightened and well, frightened.  Wouldn't you if something 3 times your size drug you out the front door while attached to a lead like a flag unfurling behind him?  And your ass bumped along while your feet scrambled madly for purchase?  This was Myrddin's first experience with the leash.  Could be he has cause.  Hmm.

Any way, after much cajoling and some irrational anger, I managed to get the leash attached last night.  Myrddin proceeded to plant his ass and dig in.  I had to drag him around the couch and out the door.  It was unpleassant for both of us. Just the day before he was just fine.  Only mildly reluctant to be leashed and perfectly fine, albeit with some whining, on the walk.  Yesterday, a bare 24 hours later, and he would have nothing to do with it.  It's like one step forward, two steps back.

Hopefully, we can get accustomed to the damn thing before we go on vacation in March.  With the dogs, 3 teenagers and 2 cars.

Speaking of cars, my Eldest just bought her first.  It's a piece of shit 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo.  She's in love.  Especially since Denton has really crappy public transport and being stuck on campus was getting old.  So was having to drive up there and back every time she wanted to come home.  So yeah! No more back and forth to Denton.  And oh crap, she has a car of her own.  Watch out world.  Here's hoping she and it survive until graduation.

Youngest has been a bear lately.  She is so not a morning person.  Add to that the fact that she rarely gets to bed before 2 AM and then has to get up at 7 AM and you get the picture.  This is the child that will sleep, given the opportunity, until 4 or 5 PM. I actually don't know how long she would sleep since sooner or later we start throwing things at her to get her lazy perfectly lovely butt out of bed. Though yesterday she was actually civil when we dropped her off at the shuttle bus stop. (One car, three people, welcome to my personal hell life).  Joy.

Well, I have to get back to work.  Lunch was over half an hour ago. Stop by and leave a comment. Or don't.  No pressure.


Jane said...

I never leashed my youngest dog because he was like a shadow, never going farther than 3 feet away. And he's tiny, and the smallest halter was still too big. Then I moved to a condo with a Mr. Dog Hater neighbor, who complains non-stop about every bark, yellow patch of snow, and yes, unleashed six-pound bundle of fur. So now I have him leashed, but he won't walk. I have to pick him up and carry him to a spot, where he won't go until the leash is off. I know the Dog Whisperer could totally fix this in a minute, but I'd rather have him fix my neighbor.

Aliceson said...

My dogs go nuts when I open the door to let them out. I'm lucky I haven't lost a toe yet. We don't leash them very often but when we do (Go for a ride Oliver?) they freak out.

Keely said...

Aw, poor dog. Can you desensitize him somehow??

My dog sees her leash as a challenge and regularly slips out of it. She has NO recall (trust me, I've tried to train her, for years) so then it's a merry chase around the neighbourhood. I'd rather have the abject terror actually.

Sidhe said...

Thanks for the laugh (seriously I'm not laughing at you...). It's nice to know that I'm not alone with naughty dog behavior. In fact, my dog (101 lb Great Dane, Ms. Hermione) even gets more excited when I call her "naughty." So far this year (yes, just this year) she has been responsible for extreme swelling in my left knee (that had me hobbling around for about a week) and a broken toe...My little dog is getting extremely mature and sometimes has "accidents" not to mention that now everyone is calling her "dead-eye" because she is totally blind in her left, glaucoma ridden eye...poor thing (she sure seems happier than shyte though...go figure).

True Blue Texan said...

Jane- I could use the Dog Whisperer but he'd just tell me what all I'm doing wrong and I don't think I could take the criticism.

Aliceson- Yes, go nuts. That sounds familiar. I have been run over. More than once. And since Rowan is 65 pounds, it's not pleasant.

Keely- Man, if I only knew how to desensitize the little shit...

Sidhe- Laugh away. It's really quite hilarious.

Some day, I'm going to videotape Rowan and his neurosis with the tile.