Monday, February 9, 2009

Congress needs to be fired

It's far past time for Congress to wake up and smell the coffee.  We need this stimulus package and we need it now.

Tax cuts didn't work, will not work and the Republicans who keep whining about how we need to cut the taxes of the upper income brackets should be forcibly taken to some place like Elkhart, IN and be forced to explain in simple language how their tax cuts for the rich are going to help the 15.3% of the population in this area that are now without work.

Harry Reid is a tool for being completely unable to stand up to Republican pressure.  The GOP seems bent on their own destruction.  But really, what else can you think about a party whose lead spokespeople are the insane (otherwise known as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh)?  Moderate Republicans (if there are any left) need to stand up and throw out the fringe element of their party that has taken control and led us down this rosy path. If they can't, the GOP deserves to fade away.

But seriously, we need this package.  I have a friend who has worked at IBM for 30 years.  He was just recently laid off.  If someone with that kind of seniority is not immune to lay offs, what hope is there for the poor schmo who's been there 6 months?

It's time that we all stood up to Washington.  I urge you to email, call, write a letter or send a telegram to your Representatives and Senators.  Let them know that no matter what party they may belong to, you're watching them.  You're holding them responsible for the mess we're in and urge them to vote for the stimiulus package as soon as possible.  Go here to find the email.

Or don't.  But if you won't stand up and be counted now stay quiet when the shit really hits the fan for you will have lost your right to complain.


skyewriter said...

I live in Indiana and used to live up north near Elkhart (South Bend/Mishawaka). It was in a recession there when I moved away in 1998.

I can only imagine how bad it's gotten since then.

Yeah, our local news has been on this unemployment number rise for a LONG time now. I can't believe how long it's taken to get national attention.

Chris said...

I'm with you and have been posting about it always say it so much better than I...what's wrong with people?....I mean those that are in a position to the president said....ideological blockage........