Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

A new meme, fresh from the Unmom.

So, I must be random. Keely was talking about Zombies.  I got this really cool card game last night called Zombie Fluxx.  The original game, Fluxx, is pretty damn cool.  Can't wait to play this version. 

I also bought the Monty Python version.  It's the second time I've bought it but I keep using it as a gift.  This time, it was for my Hubby's birthday.  So it's cool. 

Speaking of Hubby, he's been sick.  Running a fever and coughing.  Why is it that men are such crappy patients?  It's a damn fine thing he only gets sick like once every three years cause if it was more frequently, I'd kill him.  Though in his defense, he's mostly slept through this one.

Youngest is having her birthday Monday but her party Sunday.  She planned it and invited people tonight.  Way to plan, kiddo.  Still, she'll probably get most of those she invited to come.  Damn sight better than one birthday party when she was in elementary and no one showed up.

The only family member without a birthday in February is Eldest.  Mine was last week.  Hers is in June.  And it was one of the hottest June's in Austin ever.  I have never sweated so much in my entire life, before or since, as I did in my last trimester.  I think it was 103 or more the day she was born.  Speaking of which, it's a funny story.  She was breach and I had a cesarian.  She grabbed onto the incision and tried to keep from entering the world at all. My husband laughed out loud.

I've been reading lots of mommy blogs lately. I feel somehow that I must share my wisdom.  I apologize to all I have offended.  Something about having nearly grown kids that don't hate makes me think I'm qualified to offer advice.  Someone needs to stop me.  Seriously.

Any way, please don't think my kids were extra easy or even for that matter extra difficult.  They were kids.  My youngest cut her sister's hair. Twice.  The first time, I blamed the youngest but the second time I was like, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. (see, not all Texans are idiots) Eldest got what she deserved for sitting still a second time. I boiled Eldest pacifier every time it hit the floor.  When the youngest got here, I maybe rinsed it off before I popped it back in her mouth. Eldest is allergic to the world.  Youngest has her father's constitution.  Take from that what you will.

And what is it about all those people out there that think every Texan is like Bush?  Dude, those people piss me off.  Granted, Bush was an idiot.  But he really wasn't from Texas. He was born in Conneticut, people.  Get it right.  He and Daddy just claimed Texas cause it was a big red state. Only his equally idiotic daughters are real Texans and that just goes to show you that not all of us are firing on all cylinders.  Not everyone in Texas voted for Mr. Bush. Please don't tar us with the same brush.

One last thought.  I dropped my phone in the toilet Sunday.  Not a sound you want to hear associated with your personal electronics- sploosh.  By some small miracle, I managed to dry it out.  It only took  disassembling it and setting it under a fan to dry for like 12 hours. And I was looking forward to a new phone...


Aliceson said...

I love your mommy insights, so please keep it up as I have much to learn.

Now on to the cell phone potty incident. Was this before or after... you know?

Stacy Hackenberg said...

That would thankfully be after the flush.

Keely said...

AAAaaahhhh! That's one of my big fears for my kid - that he won't have any friends. Or that he'll have mean or stupid friends. Or that his friends will betray him.

Okay, I have a lot of fears about that I guess. Keep makin with the advice, lady, it helps to know that it's still possible to NOT screw it up.

Peggy said...

Stopping by to say Hi!

Cute doggies!

Also dropped my phone in the toilet once...question...before or after the flush? My germaphobe sister still won't use my phone...she calls it the pee pee phone!

Stacy Hackenberg said...

TB Texan,\nLike you, I\'m proud to say that out the four opportunities that Dummya was on the ballot, I voted for his opponent all four times.