Monday, December 14, 2009

Rant- Don't claim I didn't warn you

So, things are really going to hell in a handbasket. It's enough to drive a sane person around the bend. Catch a gander at these headlines in my reader:

Wingnuts Want Obama's Nobel
Repub-Generated Nuclear Terror
White House denies pressuring Reid to cut a deal with Lieberman.
Steele’s Economic Plan: Take Away Unemployment Benefits
'Faux General' Kristol: Obama’s Nobel Speech Lays Predicate For Legitimate Use of Force Against Iran
12 Gay Men Face Execution In Iran
Despite Market Plunge, DeMint Calls For Privatizing ‘Socialistic’ Social Security
Tea Partiers Plan Capitol "Die In"
President Lieberman was for the expansion of Medicare just three months ago!
Tuvalu representative: The fate of my country rests in the hands of the U.S. Senate.

And that's just the headlines that scream OMFG! Some of them are more subtle.
The Most Vulnerable
PhoboQuotable - Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)
FLASHBACK: Lieberman proposes Medicare buy-in as public option alternative

Some days, I think this country is trying it's damnedest to destroy itself, but then I look at around the world and see that it's not just us. Maybe it's some kind of mass induced psychosis that is the planet's attempt to rid itself of the parasite known as homosapiens.

Despite the gleeful cries of the Right, "ClimateGate" is a bust. Yet still they don't believe. Countries like Tuvalu are trying to shut down the talks in Copenhagen until they get concessions from the worst polluting nations that they'll enact serious protections. It's a brave show of force for surely they have the most to lose if things continue. And continue they will. I don't know how to stop it. The experts can't even agree.

Uganda seems to be run by crazy people. And cheered on by those in the US that secretly wish they could do the same. Iran is already there. They've executed gay men before and are set to do so again. Meanwhile at home, the LGBT community can't decide if the T really belongs in the equation. Cue catty infighting.

Health care reform is doomed. I certainly have no traction in Congress since my Representative and Senators are complete and total idiots. They do not represent my interests and don't care. While we argue over which bill or solution is going to be the best option, nothing changes. Both sides nitpick their pet issues and what eventually get created will have no teeth, enact no significant changes and save no lives. Yet the very idiots that stand in the way the most are the ones Dems feel have to be appeased. Lieberman should just give up his pretense of Independent and exchange the -I for an -R.

Parties on both side rail against Obama. The Left thinks he's not moving fast enough or have abandoned them and their issues like Clinton. The Right thinks he's trying to destroy the country. In reality, it's the Congress that's doing both. We put so much hope into whom we elect as President when in reality he can't get shit done if the Congress won't back him. And those in Congress have, with only one or two exceptions from the combined Houses, no spine. Their only concern is to keep feeding at the teat of the taxpayer and lining their pockets with special interest money. For evidence I give you the fact that despite having a majority in the House and Senate, the Dems can't get one SINGLE PIECE OF MEANINGFUL LEGISLATION PASSED.

Oh sure, we got the Hate Crimes Act. Not to dismiss it's importance, but it was always going to be the easiest LGBT friendly legislation to pass. And now that it has, nothing further will come. No end to DOMA or DADT or enacting of ENDA. Nope. We've had our token legislation and we need to STFU.

And to add insult to injury, my hubs is AWOL while he desperately tries to finish his project at work before we leave for Christmas vacation. Just like he does every year. And Eldest may have killed her car.

When it rains it pours.


Dr. Jay SW said...

Great(ly disturbing links). Gotta tell ya, though, I gave up on reading your text, because the grey text, while perfectly legible in the middle, kind of gets lost against the more faded denim on the edges....

True Blue Texan said...

Thanks for the heads up, Dr Jay. I hadn't checked the final appearance of the post since I headed out of the house after I hit published. It's fixed now.

Rebecca said...

Sending a {virtual} big giant umbrella your way!