Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Great Midwest Bizzard of 2009

It's still snowing. Hubby and Youngest ventured forth to the store today to restock our supplies.  They made it there and back in one piece but we are still unable to visit with my Father-in-law or the rest of the family since the residential streets in their neighborhoods have yet to be plowed.

Thus, no dog-sitting. Which means no movies, no Christmas gift exchanges with the rest of the crew, nothing but trekking to the hotel lobby for breakfast and occasional walks of the dogs. We're all getting a little cabin fever. Plus, we have to leave tomorrow.

We have hopes that Hubby's brother will call and let us know that his street at least is clear. Then, I get to dog-sit and the rest get to go trade gifts. Hopefully, this occurs before we have to check out tomorrow. Oh, and Eldest left her phone at Hubby's Dad's house, so at some point someone has to be able to get off that street sooner rather than later.

So the trip has been one of fun, fun, FUN. Lots of snow, one hacking Hubby and two snow-bound 20-somethings. Rah. Still, as long as Oklahoma is open tomorrow and we get home in one piece, I'll count it as a success. Aibhne has discovered that snow is great stuff and she was hilarious to watch every single time we went outside. That was really the entire point of the trip for me. Though I expected that Myrddin would be the one who went wacko in the snow. Wrong dog, right outcome.

I hope that everyone affected by this blizzard is safe and sound and that those who need to travel (like us) can do so safely.  And here's hoping it stops snowing. Seriously.

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Aliceson said...

I know it's a pain in the butt having to deal with all this snow but what a story for your (future) grandchildren.

Our side of the storm was a bit different. We had snow, then freezing rain, then an inch of solid rain on Christmas Day. Then yesterday a blast of cold air to freeze everything then another 3 inches of fresh snow on top of that. Craziness!

I hope hope hope that you guys can get out today and finally see your family and that the drive home is safe and NOT snowy!