Sunday, December 27, 2009

On the Road Again

Well, we're headed south. So far the roads are okay. We've seen  quite a few cars that slid off the road at some point. Including a few upside down and one little yellow sportcar on it's side in the ditch. I-29 has some snow in the right lane in places but is otherwise clear. Hope evryone in those stranded vehicles got out okay.

We'll probably stop in St Joesph, MO for a late lunch and to visit Youngest's friend. The one she was Maid of Honor for this summer.

While the snow has been kind of fun, I'm ready to see the end of it.

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Rebecca said...

You've had quite the adventures - travel safe as you try to make it home!
Oh I would love to say I was ready to say I'm ready to see the end of snow in December and know that it was probably a reality! (Just not the case here in WV).

PS I was your Secret Santa - so glad you liked everything! My hubs was very jealous when the Steven King book left the house!