Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Traditions - Open Thread

Everyone has traditions their families follow for the Holidays. One of the things I've told my daughters to ask whomever they think they might want to marry includes a discussion on when to open gifts. I was raised a Christmas Eve opener with Santa reserved for Christmas Day. My husband's family does the whole shebang on Christmas morning. Encountering this dilemma on your first Christmas together is a sure way to engender hurt feelings all around if those traditions don't match up. (In case you're wondering, the other things to ask before you say I do are: Kids - yes or no and if yes, how many and Dog Person or Cat Person.)

Another tradition in our household is eating tamales and watching the Muppet Christmas Carol before we open gifts on Christmas Eve, followed by Christmas Eve services at church.  This year we've forsaken most of that in exchange for snow and Hubby's family. If the weather cooperates, we'll attend Christmas Eve services. Unless we can find a store to rent the Muppet Christmas Carol, we won't be watching it. And the tamales are highly unlikely.  Since we only get up here once a decade it seems, we're okay with it.

So, what are your Christmas traditions? Leave a comment and share what makes the holiday special for you.


Aliceson said...

Christmas Eve is the big one for us. We're having a big party for 17 here at our house tonight complete with Santa himself showing up sometime after dinner to hand deliver a present to each of the children. Then it's a free for all, presents flying every which way. So much fun!

Have a great Christmas!

Val said...

my fathers birthday was christmas eve, so we always had a birthday with cake and probably out to dinner at a lovely restaurant followed by midnight mass, and present opening christmas morning, stockings on the ends of beds for my sister and I;
now living in the tropics, all that really remains is the present opening christmas morning, and a big turkey lunch/or dinner - but with salads and ice cream rather than too much hot. it often rains on christmas day!
this year, we had guests two days ago, so shared our turkey and christmas treats with them - guess we will be eating cold turkey tomorrow:-) what i love most is the time to remember everyone and renew threads of contact with friends far away.
happy christmas to you and yours!