Monday, December 7, 2009

Puppy Update!!

Otherwise known as I can't think of anything else to blog about...

So the Eldest's cat joined her for Thanksgiving. The dogs were ecstatic.  They picked up right where they left off this summer. Mishka was a mite bigger but still smaller than the dogs by a significant factor.  They best picture that got away was of Mishka standing underneath and between Rowan's legs and eating out of Rowan's bowl while he tried to eat his breakfast.  Every morning it was the same story.  The cat would get kicked out of Maddie's room cause he was crying. After I fed the dogs, he would precede to attempt to eat said dog food, usually while the dogs looked on in amusement until I managed to put food in his bowl and convince him that was what he was supposed to eat. After Mishka courted death between Rowan's knees, I decided it was time to forcibly convince him that it was a bad idea. This consisted of swatting him across the room. He countered by laying in front of Myrddin's bowl and glaring at me.

The dogs would gang up on him and chase him around the house. Mishka evidenced no displeasure at this and generally came back for more, often instigating the play sessions. Here he is nomming on Aibhne's tail.

Love the evil glare.

Speaking of Aibhne, anecdotal evidence implies that she weighs at least as much as Rowan and possibly more.  (Testing consists of picking up one and then the other and making a "comparison".) The funny part is that she's still the shortest of the three. Short. Solid. Dense. And apparently impervious to pain, training and chocolate. She has a serious sweet tooth. She's eaten more cookies and chocolates than we can count. She found a bag of brown sugar, opened it, turned it wrong side out and devoured most of the sugar. (Fear not. The bag was less than half full.) She's also eaten every single wooden spatula/kitchen tool we own. As in the last one had a handle left and nothing else. One splinter. No toothpick sized pieces. Nothing. She ate it all. To date, the most she's done is belch.

Myrddin, on the other hand, just got over a stomach ailment that had him unable to hold down anything. He probably helped with the brown sugar and like a normal dog had some ill effects. For about 12 hours he was a sick puppy. Then he wasn't. Go figure.

I've convinced my husband that the best way to handle the dogs and our trip to his family in Nebraska this Christmas is to take them with us. Yep. The four of us and three dogs in one Santa Fe from Austin to Omaha. We'll be driving straight through since all 4 of us are licensed drivers and stopping every 2 to 3 hours to let the dogs (and us) stretch, pee and otherwise escape the confines of the car.  I can't wait to see Myrddin in the snow. Though with my luck there will be none.

Before we leave for Omaha, the pups will visit the vet. Rowan needs to get chipped, they all need their claws trimmed and new heartworm/flea preventatives. Then we're hitting the dog wash.  Also known as Dirty Dog.  So they won't stink us out of the car during our 20+ hour car ride.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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