Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

This has apparently been a good week for the weird.  And even though I'm off the grid in Vanderpool, Texas, still I am able to bring you the news of the weird through the magic of scheduled posting.  Ain't it grand?  This is I can get.  Adding a link in a comment?  Not so much.

Without further ado, we begin with Octo-Mom.  She's selling a video of her birth for a miilion dollars.  Wow.  Just wow.  Who would want to buy that and at that price?  Way to go Nadya.  Keep up the good work.  We can see you're a serious student and mom.  You should read the article linked.  It's hilarious.

I can kind of sympathize with this next one.  An 89-year-old Ohio woman was arrested for refusing to return a football to a neighbor's kid.  She countered with a lawsuit claiming that the endless toys that kept ended up in her yard caused her mental distress. I can totally understand.  Having a corner house across the street from a high school means we end up with all sorts of detritus in our yard and the occasional kid asking to retrieve it.  Still, the kids parents had grandma here arrested and charged with petty theft.  Someone's being petty, alright. Both suit and charges have been dropped.

This one has made the news since the middle of last week. Just missed it for last week's installment.  Scott Allen Wittmer claims Pennsylvania can't charge him with DUI since he's his own country and they have no jursidiction over him.  I have a question. Why are the crazy ones always referred to by their full name?   The judge thinks he needs to stay in jail until he undergoes a mental exam.  Ya think?

A lady in Spokane, WA got more than she bargained for when she purchased a used sofa from a thrift store.  She got a cat.  Seems like 9-year-old Callie climbed into the couch jusr prior to its donation and got stuck.  Vickie Mendenhall retrieved the cat and when the store had no information on who donated the cuch, took it to an animal shelter.  But being a geniunely good person, she contacted media outlets who ran the story thus altering the cat's owner, Bob Killion.  The moral of this story is two fold: cat-leasers should check their furniture before they donate it and thrift store purchasers need to look for nifty surprises.

I'm not quite sure where to start with this one.  This guy is certainly stupid.  Marcel Fournier was arrested and charged with game violations, given a fine of $400 and jail time.  He shot a doe, attached antlers with lag bolts and epoxy and tried to claim she was a he.  In Vermont, it's illegal to kill an anterless deer and to illegal to hunt at night, which he also did.  The best part, if there can be said to have one in a case of animal mutilation, is the quote from the game warden:  "Something wasn't natural about them, in addition to the fact that they weren't natural." Um, all you really needed to say was you felt movement when you grabbed them that indicated they were only bolted on, apparently not very well.

Our next gem is one that I'm sure a few of you have thought about doing.  In Bellevue, WA a trooper pulled over a man driving in the HOV lane for a seat belt violation.  His "passenger" wasn't buckled in.  Except that his passenger was a rainjacket draped over plastic piping, wearing a Gandalf Halloween mask and a beard and baseball cap.  The driver was ticketed and the trooper confiscated the dummy.  Let that be a lesson to all of you who want to cheat and use the HOV lane: Buckle Up!

In Texas, Weatherford to be exact, someone found a bull dozer buried in a golf course.  It was reported stolen after the course construction was completed in 1996. And it wasn't buried in a sand trap but in, or is it on, a fairway. I'm not sure what to add to this except to say that we're really not all crazy here in Texas. Really.

And last but by no means least is the story of one Henrick Stenson. Mr. Stenson is a pro-golfer who found an unusual way to get a bogey.  He didn't want to get covered in mud and "for the love of the game and for the fans" he stripped down to his underwear. He ended the day four shots off the lead but first in the hearts of fans. Or at least the first thing they were talking about.

That's it for this week.  Comments are unmoderated while I'm away.  Play nice children.

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Aliceson said...

When I was young, we had a next door neighbor that would get irritated when balls would land in his yard and refuse to give them back. Cranky old man!

Great weirdness!