Sunday, March 1, 2009

Petco is the Devil!

Especially in January and February. 

We got Myrddin at a pet adoption group set up outside of Petco during, of all things, a cookie booth.  This year, we got Aibhne.  Our rather, Youngest bought the dog.  It's her puppy.

We almost escaped until I heard the words "Lab and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix".  That stopped me in my tracks and I had to look.  Rowan is a Ridgeback/Boxer mix and frankly he's the best damn dog ever so this one has some high expectations to meet.

See, he's good looking and knows it.  He likes to stop and pose for pictures when the camera's out.  Aibhne may have the same trait.  Could be a Ridgeback thing.

She's awfully damn adorable.  Must be a survival mechanism.  By the way, the name is pronounced "Ev-ni".

Now, my sister did the same thing when she was in college.  She bought a dog and had us keep it while she looked for an apartment that would let her have it.  She failed to do so right away and by the time she did, the dog was officially my mother's.  Hmmm.  Could history repeat itself?  If it does, Youngest has already said I will forfeit all future birthday gifts. 



Anonymous said...

How adorable!! I like them all. :)

Aliceson said...

She is so cute!

I didn't know Rowan was part Boxer. His long nose is deceiving, what a handsome dog he is.

Mama Dawg said...

Oh, good heavens. That is one adorable puppy.

Anonymous said...

I might be owned by cats, but I can still take note of adorable dogs when I see them and boy are they cute!!! Wow. I have to avoid animal shelters because I know I would have more than my two boys.

True Blue Texan said...

@D- Yes indeed, animal shelters are to be avoided. they are sad places and I only want to take everyone home.

@Aliceson- Yes, Rowan has an interesting mix between the two breeds. The bulk of the Boxer offset by the more slender Ridgeback.

@MamaDawg and Catherine- She is indeed too cute. Eldest says her catch phrase should be "resistance is futile".