Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poster Child for Neuroses

I give you Myrddin:

Here is a list of things that have freaked him out in the last 96 hours:
Grackles- they make a really loud, strange and apparently scary cawing sound
Backfires/transformer popping-  some odd loud sound whose source is unclear but was most likely one of these two things
The puppy- she bit his tail
Leaf blowers- the neighbor next door had someone cleaning his gutters and making lots of scary noises
TV doorbells/knocking- who's there? anyone? anyone?
Glass pack muffler-constant backfires
When said noise sets him off, he darts around with his eyes wide, his tail tucked and refusing to come to his name, go outside or otherwise resemble a reasonable dog.
When he calms down, anywhere from a few mintues to several hours later, he's a sweet loveable dog.
Some days I wonder if he needs puppy Xanax.  Do they make Xanax for dogs?  I know they do Prozac and its ilk but he's not sad he's just anxious.  

Some day I'll get a picture of him running across the yard with his tongue flapping in the breeze.


BadTux said...

Neurotic dog? Aren't they all neurotic? :-).

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

Aliceson said...

...or the doorbell on TV. Drives me crazy when I have to convince my dogs that "no one is here, go lay down."