Friday, March 27, 2009

Michele Bachmann, that Minnesota jewel

If this is the best the Republican party can do, then I think we're safe.  Though it's clear that she's batshit crazy.

The point were she talks about forcing us to use a "global currency" was particularly confusing.  Apparently, she misunderstood an idea proposed by China that we adopt a global exchange currency not based on the dollar.  It in no way implied that a national currency would be eliminated just that we create an exchange unit based on multiple currencies instead of the US Dollar as a reserve unit.  Something the Chinese no doubt favor because of the current relative weakness of the dollar.  Bachmann thought it meant that we'd all be changing to some global currency and we would abandon the dollar.  She's even gone so far as to propose legislation requiring the dollar to remain our currency.  So, not only is this lady a fruit loop, she's stupid to boot.  Way to go Minnesota!

And I don't even want to go into her rants about revolution. I'm going to have to agree with DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan, "Michele Bachmann's rants serve to discredit her more than anything I could say."

Want to keep up with Bachmann's rants? Talking Points Memo has an entire section devoted to chronologing her nuttery.


Sidhe said...

Did she accuse the President of attempting to nationalize private companies? Just wondering, because the way I remember it is that private companies were the ones asking the government for a hand out. Sure, I'm against the "bailouts" of private companies also, but I can actually remember the history of the past six months.

Anonymous said...

Get her to a rightwing nuttery!!!

Is there an award that we can give her? or may be it should go to her constituents. How many times have they elected this imbecile and waste of taxpayer money?