Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Tuesday: Puppy Watch

It's Random Tuesday and in case you didn't notice, there's a new pup in the house. Her name in Aibhne (Pronounced Ev-ni) and she's pretty freaking adorable. Technically, she's Youngest's dog. She paid for her, bought her food and essentials and we're trying to make her clean up all the messes. And convince her that 1) the older dogs, namely Rowan, are not going to hurt the pup and 2) she's not a freaking baby who needs to be held all the time.

I predict that she and Myrddin are going to be fast buddies. He's a bit timid, around everything, but he's warming to her. Until she started nipping at his legs this morning. Then he started dancing. Almost as funny as what Rowan did. First to really understand the mental image, you have to realize that Rowan is 62 pounds of Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix and Aibhne is maybe 7 pounds of Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She's about the size of his head and when he sniffs her, his nose is only a few inches from the ground. Anyway, he opened his rather large and impressive looking mouth and held it over and around her head, which fit completely inside. He did something similar to Myrddin when he was a pup but only Myrddin's nose fit inside. He didn't close his mouth but basically she was his Lion Tamer to his Lion. At once playful and demonstrating his dominance.

Like most babies, she gets up way too freaking early. Today it was 4:45 AM. Gak! Up and ready to play. I entertained her until 5:30 at which time I woke "Mama" up and said here you go and crawled back into bed. I found them curled up asleep on the counch when it was finally time to get up.

It's been a really damn long time since I've had a puppy this young to take care of. I completely forgot how adorable they are while they pee on everything in sight. She is not water tight yet but for a 7 week old she does pretty well. She always goes outside when we take her out and she mostly hits the "wee-wee" pads inside. As long as one is close by and she's not distracted by, oh, lint or something. Yea!

She isn't too noisy at night. Though we are unashamedly weak and tend to get up to check on her. She's sleeping in an old carrier that's missing its door inside the utility room. It's tile and small and relatively danger-free. Unfortunately, it's right next door to our bedroom. Last night, when she woke up at that ungodly hour, Hubby tried to give her a pet and then put her back in the room. She cried until she found the doorstop. It's one of those that's essentially a giant spring. She entertained herself for a while making it thwack. It was amazingly loud. But since she has the attention span of a gnat, it didn't last long.

I promise to get back to something more meaningful than puppies and layout changes soon. I'm thinking Flush Limberger is a worthy topic. I tend to stay away from him and his ilk but the news lately has been, frankly, hilarious. I cannot believe that Flush is the best that the Republican party can do. Since when did he become a "leader" in the party?

More to come on that point. Though others have said it well. Check out Driftglass and Margaret and Helen.


Aliceson said...

When my boxer was a puppy, he cried all night! I'm so gkad he outgrew that. Sounds like the puppy is catching on quickly... hopefully she continues to follow the rules.

Puppy teething was also hard on our family. My Saint Bernard used to chew on table legs!!!

skyewriter said...

Puppies are soooo cute, especially the one you're talking about here.

Is her name Gaelic?

Jane said...

The puppy is adorable. Rush, however, is not. I've written my share of articles about him. We worked for the same company in the late 70's, early 80's, before he was all cleaned up for the cameras. The guy is truly an idiot, and while I don't think college necessarily makes anyone smarter, this guy couldn't pass even one course. He failed every single class he took. THAT'S who the Repubs are catering to -- which shows their level of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

That's funny that you refer to her as not water tight!

Keely said...

Awwwwwww smooshy puppy! So cute.

But man, they're a lot of work!

True Blue Texan said...

You're getting your money's worth out of that advanced degree, Skye. Yes indeed, Aibhne is Gaelic. As is Rowan and Myrddin.

We're gaming geeks around here and tend to look for names that have that slant.