Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday: Stuff


This has to be quick since I only have three minutes left of my lunch break. But the boss is out with strep so maybe no one will notice.

This AIG crap is pissing me off. Can anyone tell me why we can't just let these ass hats fail? Any one?

Just read a funny/sad post on The Wind in Your Vagina. Seems ass hat teachers are every where. Now, I have a great deal of respect for teachers. They are doing an incredibly important job and most of them do it well. I have however been priveledged to know a few that shouldn't be allowed any where near kids. My daughters had the joy of one Ms. E. for Government in high school. Only one other teacher taught Government at their high school and then only one or two periods so almost every senior ended up with this bitch. She told my eldest that we shouldn't waste our money sending her to college. Now, Eldest was no doubt annoying to her teachers throughout her public school career. She was one of those kids who was smart but well, lazy. She tended to not turn in homework but still do well on the tests which kept her from failing but not much else. This same teacher got fed up with a certain young couple who met outside her classroom between classes to do a little public display of affection. She told her class the girl was essentially a slut (can't remember her exact words, its been almost 4 years now) but that was the gist. The girl happened to be Youngest's best friend and one of my Girl Scouts. So when I told the Principal about this and her comments to my daughter he was all "I'm so surprised. She's one of our best teachers and her kids always do well on the AP tests." And that was it. Talk to any of her students and they would tell you she was a bitch who had no patience, no respect for her students and was grossly intolerant. Yet, because her kids did well on the AP exam she was beyond reproach. I told the principal that some people shouldn't be teachers and she was one of them.

Grr. It still makes me mad. Any way, back to the current day. I find it absolutely priceless that a volcano has essentially ended Bobby Jindal's presidential run before it was ever announced. Seems like that volcano monitoring might be important after all. And it works, too. Scientists were able to warn people living near Mt Redoubt to prepare for an upcoming eruption. Every time it erupts, its one more nail in Jindal's coffin. Here's hoping that no one in Alaska is injured by the eruptions.

I also find it hilarious that the Republican party is trying to get Cheney to go back under his rock. "We're doing just fine without your help, sir, please return to your undisclosed location". Giggle.

While you're here, check out the Kiva and Free Rice links to the right. Let's help those living in extreme poverty and show the world the power of the internet.

Later. Back to work for me. My three minutes was so up 17 minutes ago.


Keely said...

I won't tell on you!

Teachers should somehow have their 'passing judgement' chip removed. Don't they realize the impact they have?

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Some teachers really shouldn't be teachers....my history teacher in high school was one of them...

Happy RTT! :)

GreenJello said...

I know what you mean about teachers... it seems to me that the number one requirement to be a teacher or school administrator should be "Likes Children".