Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RTT - dogs, politics and phones

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Myrddin's Thundershirt is getting mixed reviews. Hubs wants it to cancel all barking and whining. I'm pleased that it appears to settle him down when he gets anxious or overly excited. He's a vocal breed. I don't think anything short of removing his vocal cords will stop the barking. (Not gonna happen, don't worry.) It HAS helped him calm down when he got nervous during fireworks, has helped him control the urge to jump on people and reduced his barking when someone enters the house. It hasn't stopped his barking when he gets excited or frustrated when playing. All in all, I think it was worth the $40.  He seems a bit less twitchy (such a technical term, I know) when he's wearing it.

Yesterday was my first foray into citizen lobbying. I participated in Equality Texas' Lobby Day and will be attending the Texas Freedom Network's lobby day later in the month. It was strangely satisfying to do something and express my concerns to people in a position of power (however small since we spoke to staffers). Will be doing it again. Definitely. Next one should be interesting since it's focusing on the State Board of Education, Sex Ed and more fun and exciting culture war topics. 

I managed to leave my EVO outside over night. It fell out of my purse on Friday when I was bringing luggage in from the car. I found it the next morning covered in dew. It was still operational but would randomly shut down. I took it apart and stuck it in a bowl of rice over night. I have since had no issues. One more positive in the EVO's column. I doubt it would withstand going through the washing machine like our old LG phones did. More than once. But considering the replacement cost, I was thrilled that the rice trick worked. First time I've ever tried it.

My new favorite app is the Starbucks app that allows me to purchase my coffee with a 2D barcode. As in, the phone generates a barcode that the barista scans and Voila!. Coffee purchased. I can even manage multiple cards and reload cards from the phone. Pretty damn spiffy. Hubs said I was a bigger techofile than him when I geeked out over the joys buying coffee via my phone. He's just jealous.

New photo of Aibhne, the beast.
Every photo I took of her that day had a blur for a tail. She's a happy critter, that's for damn sure. Plus, who can resist those eyes? She likes to lay next to me and lay her head on my chest. Then stare at me with those big brown eyes. She gets lots of ear scratches and kisses whenever she does.

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Aliceson said...

We've had mixed results with the rice trick. If it's just a quick dunk in water, it seems to work but when I ran my husband's phone (not a smart phone) through the washer in a load of darks, nothing could bring it back.

I love that her tail is blurry! I can tell she's an active one. Heck, I can barely even catch Flash with the camera, he moves so darn quick.