Saturday, March 5, 2011

Teachers v CEOs

Jon Stewart pegs it again. Whether or not you feel Wall Street is to blame for the recession, how can anyone believe that their bonuses are somehow immune and teacher salaries are up for grabs? I am so sick of hearing the tired old meme - "they only work 9 months a year". Well, your kids only go to school nine months a year, but teachers generally go longer. It varies by state, but most require some sort of continuing education. They stay longer and start sooner.

It may seem like they're getting a good deal because they have the summers off but, as usual, there's a bit more to it. If they choose to take their salary in 9 monthly chunks, they have no income those other 3 months.

I could go on, but someone else says it better:

Wake up America. The people that you've elected want you undereducated and misinformed. They're trying to systematically reduce our education system to the laughing stock of the developed world. They want to remove all rights won by women, force the gays back in the closet and remove every safeguard put in place over the last century to protect the American worker from management that sees them only as numbers on a spreadsheet and not as people.


Lesley said...

As a former teacher, the daughter of a teacher, and the mother of a teacher, I agree with you a hundred percent. Those who say teaching is a cushy job, or who crow about teachers getting summers off, need to be locking a classroom with 30 children for 6 hours at a time until they see the light.

Chris said...

Nice post...daughter of a teacher, wife of a school psych...I've been around it all my life, and none of the comments about salaries or time off or any 'entitlement' nonsense is even close to the truth!! This fight is not about any of this, or balancing a's all about big business wanting to take advantage...bust the unions to make it easier on them....bottom line! They've been waiting years for this opening!