Thursday, March 3, 2011


My monitor has decided that everything needs to be pink. Or shades thereof.

It's kinda creepy. And hard to describe. Eldest says it's "just red shifted" as if that makes it all better. Pissant.

Sigh. Why can we not make it through a single solitary month without something of significance breaking. Eldest says it's because we live in a trashy house and buy used appliances. Still a pissant.

She should stop looking over my shoulder and commenting while I blog.

Speaking of Eldest, she just appeared. Well, she did call first. But I had forgotten she was coming in town this weekend. One of her oldest friends is having a going away party. Said friend and her significant other are about to leave town for 5 months and go hike the Appalachian Trail.

When did the phrase "significant other" fall out of use? Or has it? Maybe I just don't run with the hip crowd anymore. And can someone please tell my husband that "sig oth" if NOT an acceptable abbreviation. Seriously, dude. I never heard it called that. I think you made it up. Makes some kind of engineering-y rational sense I suppose - 3 letters in each part of the butchered mess - but it's still wrong.

All the pink is giving me a headache and apparently hindering my ability to be coherent. BUT, I did get a post up for today. Go me.

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LeftLeaningLady said...

Children are the joy & bane of our existance.

I hope your monitor gets fixed. It may be your video card instead, so don't buy new until you are certain what is broken.