Monday, March 21, 2011

NaBloPoMo fail.


I did try. I even blogged on the road, but Las Vegas got the best of me. And my money. Surprise. We had a great time, despite the complete inability to win a damn thing in the casinos.

We saw the Lion King at Mandalay Bay, ate entirely too much, spent more than we should have and discovered that the Hard Rock Hotel was...interesting.

That's an actual cymbal used as a lighting sconce. Pretty cool. So was the "mobile intimacy kit" that was in the room. This small, black box contained a pocket "massager",  lubricant and two condoms. I brought it home and gave it to Youngest's boyfriend as his souvenir. What can I say? The Hard Rock appeals to a certain demographic - generally speaking - young. Although the music memorabilia all over the place was cool.

We got good news on Thursday as we were getting ready to leave. Myrddin showed up at the back door that morning. Aside from being a bit skinnier, he seems perfectly fine after his 6 day excursion (which was apparently NOT all inclusive). Just when I was getting used to the idea of being a two dog household he shows up. And I think he may have fleas. Joy.

We stopped by the Grand Canyon on our way home. It was a 3 and a half hour side trip that made us significantly late getting home. But worth it. All along the roadways we kept seeing signs that we should be alert for elk. For two hours we saw these signs but no elk. Talked to the Eldest as we were entering the park, hung up, lost service and what appeared over the hill? 

A herd of elk.

Timing. Not our best skill. At any rate, we made it home. We spent Saturday and Sunday morning at a church retreat and I participated in the Texas Freedom Network's lobby day today.

I'm pooped. I need a break from my break. Alternatively, I could just go back to work tomorrow. Which I will do, but I don't plan on enjoying myself.

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