Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost Dog

Have you seen this dog?

If so, you can keep him.

Yep, Myrddin escaped this morning. Again. While wearing his $40 Thundershirt (which by the way, seemed to help last night when it started thundering) and outside with the other two for all of 10 minutes, Myrddin made his daring escape. We looked for him for about 30-45 minutes before we finally conceded defeat and got ready for work. Though we looked for him as we headed out of town since our route is one if his jaunt routes. No luck.

I thought I saw him once about 2-3 blocks ahead of me but he didn't even slow down, if indeed it was him, when I called. I am waiting for the call from Animal Control (he's chipped).

We've made signs to put up after work if 1) Animal Control hasn't called or 2) Some irate nice neighbor hasn't returned him to the back yard.

Damn dog.

1 comment:

Aliceson said...

Oh no! I hope he returns without too much trouble.